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The Collapse of the Soviet Union

After overthrowing the centuries-old Romanov monarchy, Russia emerged from a civil war in 1921 as the newly formed Soviet Union. The world’s first Marxist-Communist state would become one of the biggest and most powerful nations in the world, occupying nearly one-sixth of Earth’s land surface, before its fall and ultimate dissolution in 1991.

American Innovation, Entrepreneurial Spirit and Hardwork Ethic

For some 240-years, American War Timeline , Timeline of National Flags: Europe (1444-2015) Cyber Warfare, Future Technology Battles, Vermonters and all of America has fought on our shores and foreign shores for freedom and liberty to reign for all humanity. In times gone by, the threat against our liberty has seen names like , 1st Gulf War, Iran Hostage, Vietnam War, The Korean War, The Cold War, Hitler, Mussolini, Hirohito, American Civil War, War of 1812, American Revolution, King George, and many more.

Today, the biggest threat to our liberty is a subtle transition being guised as “good for all,” but it means bloated government, strangling debt and less freedom. This subtle change is simply known as “socialism.”

Millions of brave men and women are not lying in their final resting places for having fought for socialism. Socialism in any form is the polar opposite of what these bravest of the brave paid the ultimate price for.

As a small business owner in Vermont, and having served my nation in both the United States Navy and Vermont National Guard, I refuse to stand idly by and allow this creeping disease of declaration d'impot take hold in my State or Nation. I believe in less government, less debt, social justice for all, the Constitution as it is written and will serve our great state with honor, honesty, and integrity. Thank you for your support, and it is “A New Day for Vermont.”

2016 Presidential Election Cycle Debate that Won the White House

Vermont and America's Opioid Epidemic CNS Vital Signs

November of 2016, America was standing at a crossroads. The question became, do we travel down the road of bigger government, more spending, more taxes and a European style of Socialism or do our citizens select a smaller government, lower taxes, the rebuilding of our defense systems, economic growth, and the restoration of American pride?

The Green Mountain Republicans New 21st Century approach using Statistics based off 2000, 2010 Census.

America resoundingly chose the latter. They chose to reject the socialistic direction our nation had been heading in for the previous 8-years.

Alfie Evans a 23 month old baby in a British Hospital pulls life support against parents' wishes

Alfie Evens dies in Socialized Medicine ANATHEMA

Between a healthcare system that had cost our nation trillions of dollars, Wall-Street bailouts, our military being dangerously degraded, a corroding infrastructure, and a loss of American pride, our nation rose up to reject this direction.

VA Health Administration

Vermont Health Connect

Obamacare A HealthNetwork Partner

Green Mountain Care

History of LGBTQ

What is a clear definition of a Health Care System vs Health Care Insurance vs Affordable Health Care? There are several examples of a government controlled Health Care System either denying care due to family or personal finances and against the patients wishes of choices offered or denied using this criteria.

CDC- Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Today our beloved nation has been turned around. For the first time in nearly a decade, we once again have growth exceeding 3%, taxes have been dramatically slashed, and jobs are returning to our land. American optimism is soaring almost as high as our stock market.

The Wall Street Journal

Wall Street, Finance, NYSE

Fidelity Investments, (FMR LLC)

The United States is being respected globally due to a clear change in direction and leadership style. Some nations may not care much for us, but they are respecting us again due to clear communication, a red line drawn backed up by a real response.

USA, France, United Kingdom Allies Again

Axis Client's Syria uses Chemical Weapons on Civilians

Obama Administration Iran Deal

Obama Administration Libya

Axis Client Iran, North Korea, Russia

North Korea South Korea in Talks

Vermont, do we want to return an obstructionist Senator back to Washington who wants the old way of no-growth, big government, higher taxes, all the while pledging “free stuff” for everyone.

You know, and I know, there is no free lunch in this life. Somebody ends up paying the tab, and in this case, it will be our children and grandchildren.

The United States of America needs balanced budgets, Federal, State and Local Budgets. If the Private Sector needs balance sheet reports, Public Sector Federal, State, Local sector needs balance sheet reports for American Tax Payers, State Tax Payers, Local Tax Payers to be informed voters.

American Companies, International Companies, small business owners are dealing with crippling high-tax codes, forced government regulations hurting growth, and over-burdensome regulations.

Vermont only State in the Country to see A RISE IN POVERTY 2016?

Vermont; you’re at another crossroads this November 2018 Mid-Term Election Cycle. Do you want to return to no job growth, promises that cannot possibly be kept, and shattered dreams? Working 3 part-time jobs to barely get by without benefits? business-owner.

As a Native Vermonter I want your vote, the issues that are important to you and your family. Are you able to exist in Vermont, the tax code is keeping more people in poverty rather than lifting them up out of poverty.